Best Essential Oils For Lucid Dreaming

Did you know that our sense of smell is an effective approach to induce lucidity and to boost your dream awareness?

That’s right! And what is more…
Essential oils are used for decades, for a variety of reasons such as:

  • healing
  • relaxation
  • aromatherapy
  • antibacterial features
  • inducing various states!
  • better sleep!

We can all agree on how important is to have normal sleeping patterns, not only for our overall well-being but also for LUCID DREAMING!

The best part is that essential oils are a completely natural way to promote better sleep!

Different smells can provoke different states and emotions.

One of the first lucid dream researcher – Marquis d’Hervey Saint-Denys created his own smell experiments, back in the 19th century.

Interestingly, he discovered for himself that specific smells could indirectly affect his dream content.

Furthermore, he concluded that smells were tied to emotions that are linked to specific locations and memories.

Then, in 2007, a study got comparable results.

A certain smell exhibited during deep sleep (slow wave sleep) prompted memories that formed earlier in the day, associated with the same smell.

Then in 2008, another scientific research was done, on the same topic.
In the experiment, volunteers got 2 smells while sleeping – a rotten-egg and a smell of roses.

Participants reported having more positive dreams with the rose-smelling stimulus and more negative dreams with the egg-smelling one.

“When stimulating the subject with a positive smell, the emotional coloration was positive in nearly every case.

Whereas with negative stimulation, the emotional tone was shifted to negative.”

This study showed that even unconsciously, we process smells all the time.
It also suggests the idea to enhance your dream life through aromatherapy.

Further, in 2009, one more research showed that external stimuli presented during sleep can affect dream content.

Promote deep and restful sleep

Researchers used lavender oil for a study which proved that the scent increased the percentage of deep sleep in the subjects.

The conclusion of the study was that lavender works as a:

  • mild sedative
  • promoting deep sleep
  • improving the quality of sleep, naturally!

Insomnia aid

Researchers found that some scents have a positive effect on sleep deprivation and disturbances.

Smelling lavender showed a positive effect on sleep quality in this study.

Essential oil from lavender also showed to increase the quality of sleep and reduced level of anxiety in the people from another study.

The majority of researches concluded that there is a positive effect of some essential oils on sleep.

By all means, lavender is one of the best sleeping remedies, as well as one of the most frequently studied essential oil.

One last evidence proposed that inhaling essential oils can be considered for people with mild sleep disturbances.

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